Performance Testing vs Load Testing vs. Stress Testing

Performing spike tests before a high number of simultaneous users hit a website or app can identify the bottlenecks that could cause the site or app to slow or crash. Spike testing can also give insight on how a program or app responds between spikes of activity. Difference between load testing and stress testing, which […]

What are the Four Types of Cloud Deployment Models?

Content What are the Four Types of Cloud Deployment Models? How to Choose a Cloud Deployment Model Software as a Service We are programming experts in both legacy and modern platforms. Characteristics of Public Cloud Community Introduction to the Cloud When businesses move their data to the cloud, they reduce the risk of data loss, […]

How to Build an MVP: The Ultimate Guide

Content A brief introduction to developing a minimum viable product What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? Company Best practices of MVPs Types of MVPs User ratings and reviews What is the purpose of building MVPs? Generating interest in the product For instance, one of the recent projects that the Codica team successfully delivered was […]

Mobile App Development Services Mobile App Development Company

Content EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES ScienceSoft’s Mobile App Development Services – Q&A QA Testing Apps Monitoring tools Other questions about web application development? Our Products Cutting-edge Mobile App Development Services Sometimes, it is necessary to change the conditions; this may postpone the completion of work. Developing an app entails creating a new application and updating existing ones […]